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As I served my time in the national service in Singapore, I found myself with moments of idleness. I chose to spend these moments weaving tales that would captivate those around me. The response from my friends and peers was unexpected, as they were drawn to my writing style. Their admiration fueled my passion, leading to the unveiling of my debut novel in 2015.

I have continued to write throughout the years and have published my second novel in 2022.

What if I told you that everything within these stories had happened before? You would still go to sleep, wouldn't you? From grotesque metaphors, warped philosophies and everything in between, grab yourself a cup of tea and settle down in bed with your very own Bedtime Stories for the Ill.

Available now in all online bookstores. 

A recommendation not for the faint-hearted but for people with individualistic views who appreciate life and death in its entirety.

Rohit Gupta

It's not a book for everyone though, there is too much gore, in a LOT of explicit details. The 'fun facts' are even more disturbing, but intriguing nevertheless.

With humour that makes you laugh at things you wouldn’t admit to laughing at and a storyline where you think you know what happens, but a wild turn takes place to somewhere much much darker.

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