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In sickness and in health

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

Surprisingly, it's not the discomfort of contracting the virus that worries me, but the realisation of how inconvenient it has impacted my life.

Isolation is one thing, but navigating the many visa requirements when travelling is a whole different and far more difficult experience.

My partner, not I, has contracted it, and she is in anguish. Despite living in the same residence as her, I have not contracted the disease from her.

Why is it the case?
It baffles me.

I expected to catch it from her on the day I sought refuge into her arms a few days back, but it appears that God has other plans for me.

Pray that he does not prolong my emotional distress; he grants me peace of mind, knowing that I will not garner it from her.

I do not need more inconvenient or painful experiences in my life.

As she plummets into slumber beside me, I promise to continue looking after her. In sickness and in health.

And as I lay awake tonight, waiting for this to end, I let my mind wander for ideas for my next story.

3/6 completed.

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