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Real life and art

If there is one thing I must insist about my writing, it is that I do not condone what I write as something I would do in reality.

That would be ridiculous.

I write as a way of expressing bad emotions through words on paper, not as something I intend to do.

These concepts exist solely in my mind as concepts for art. Not in terms of actions. However, I do reach oftentimes to feed my hobby which is storytelling and worldbuilding. It is not the fault of anyone or anything that I have developed a warped sense of humanity to notice possible depravities within our society. However, it is the fault of others who chose to interpret my works in the wrong manner. These tales aren't meant to be pursued, but noticed as wrongdoings that may or may not have happened in our history, but should not be reiterated or produced in reality.

Otherwise, you have missed the point.

Avoid fearing me and instead attempt to comprehend that this is a form of release.

While some individuals fish to alleviate their sorrows, others, such as me, write to metaphorically exterminate demons in their minds.

Try it.

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